Nazarene nativity

  • Nr. 10800 with base (3,9 - 5,1 - 7,9 inch)

  • Nr. 10801 without base (3,9 - 5,1 - 7,9 inch)

Towards the end of the 19th Century the romantic trend in Europe demanded a Nativity scene with its typically oriental characteristics.

The palm trees recreate the Palestinian countryside and the clothes are ostentatiously rich for the three Kings and poor and humble for the shepherds.

The miracle for which they are all gathered here, is the birth of the Holy Child, the beginning of new history and consequently the decline of paganism, which is here symbolized by the crumbling ruins of the Corinthian temple of which only the last few columns are left standing.

The whole scene is guarded under a glass dome, the heavenly skies; it doesn‘t isolate, it protects and at the same time it awakens a distant tale, a childhood dream finally become reality. The miracle repeats itself, we feel immediately involved and we let ourselves be carried away.

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