Giner nativity

  • Nr. 10300 (4-8 inch)

The sculptor Johann Giner d. Ä (1756-18833), the greatest crib carver of his time, is a product of one of the oldest families in Thaur (North Tyrol). He spread the fame of the Tyrolean Christmas crib all over the world with his quality of artistry and folkloristic power of expression. Being himself a farmer, he understood how to give a convincing representation of the belief of the people in his crib carvings. His creations can be considered historical documents, as the clothing and gestures that appear in the figures of his cribs are the same as those found in Thaur at that time. The LEPI workshops have carefully reproduced one of the Giner carved cribs to prove once more Giner's skill and mastery in the art of crib carving. This set of cribs can be extended to over 250 different versions manufactured in the same size. The finest church crib made by the hand of Giner can be found in the Pfarr and Wallfahrts Church in Absam. The figures are an average of 40 cm high but those standing in the background have been carved almost two-thirds smaller in order to achieve the effect of a large perspective in a relatively narrow space. Like most of Johann Giner's crucifixes, the crib figures also have glass eyes, lending them a particular appeal, although it is not yet clear how Giner managed to inset them. Stylistically, they are articles from the Rococo period, even if they have some undeniably classical features.

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