Costume nativity

  • Nr. 10900 undressed (7,9 inch)

  • Nr. 10901 dressed (7,9 inch)

The crib in period-costume is the renewed expression of the baroque exuberance which tried, through theatrical representation, to involve the audience in the event portrayed. One thus passes from full length carved statues to new solutions, such as jointed wooden figures. In this crib in particular, in the quest of aesthetic perfection, we have chosen to carve the body of the figures all in one by hand, whilst the remaining individual parts are fashioned after the gestures of the human body. One of these examples can be seen in the group of the old man pushing the boy with the flute. The old man is approaching the Child Jesus without hesitation and is reassuring the hesitant shy child. The advantage of modular figures is, in fact, that they can be placed in new and different attitudes or positions typical of their everyday life and thus express the emotions that go with it.

This is a crib containing original artwork and its uniqueness is emphasised by the materials used for the garments: precious and richly decorated fabrics for the three Kings' clothing and simple, humble materials for all those who, overwhelmed with wonder and adoration, draw close to the manger.

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