Lepi nativity

  • Nr. 10600 (3,9 - 5,1 - 7,9 inch)

Prugger Dorigo VigilPRUGGER DORIGO VIGIL, born in 1925 in Ortisei / Val Gardena, attended the Val Gardena Art School and is a member of the Accademia Tiberiana and of Artists‘ Circle of Ortisei. He trained sculptor and has been awarded a gold medal for his exhibitions in Milan (Angelicum), Florence, Bolzano and Ortisei.

LEPI‘s good reputation as a crib producer is due primarily to the large selection and fine quality of the crib figures. We are happy to present you the new: „LEPI crib“.
It is a wood-carved masterpiece, made by our carver Prugger Vigil. All figures have been conceived as single, unique pieces. Their serious and pious expression gives them a very realistic look, so that both, the foreground and background figures, seem almost alive. Of particular beauty and realism are the boy milking the goat, the shepherd riding on a donkey and the small shepherd with hat and lamb kneeling beside the cradle. The figures shown here are works of undoubted artistic value. Who buys a wooden crib, rightly requires a complete „LEPI“ set, with is finely carved figures.

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