Gloria crib

  • Nr. 9000 (4,7 inch)

In this complex and full composition, the Virgin Mary is kneeled before the Christ Child praying in accordance with tradition and Joseph is standing, slightly bent and carrying a lantern in his right hand.

It is this small detail of the lantern that makes the work unique and special, since it provides real light and illuminates the central group of figures.  The main figures stand out due to the effect of this intense ray of light, while the secondary figures are defined by a chiaro-scuro effect.
This creates a feeling of wonder, combined with an effective and realistic sense of the whole scene.

The Baby Jesus in the manger scene of the above-mentioned version is supported by a variation on the Epiphany, with the Magi gathered around the Madonna holding Jesus on her lap in the hem of her dress.

The clothes, simple in their form, in pale and refined colours and softly draped, lend a greater solidity to the small sculptures, and dignity is maintained in both stance and posture.  The gentle, happy expressions on the faces and the discrete, subdued gestures express the emotions evoked by the joyous happenings depicted in such a way that never reduces the scene to fairytale proportions, but sets the tone with just the right measure of serenity and contemplation.

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