Wooden Nativity Sets

The company Lepi Woodcarvings was founded in 1920 by Leo Prinoth Sr.. Located in Ortisei, in the beautiful South-Tyrolean Val Gardena in Italy, the company is now lead by his son and grand-sons, who successfully extended, developed an modernized Lepi over the years. Lepi Woodcarvings is known for the variety of their carefully carved wooden nativity sets. Each single figure is created after a model of famous artists like Perathoner, Kreuzer or Prugger. And even Rupert and Reindt became interested in creating wooden nativity sets.

The used wood is from oak, maple, lime or stone pine. The carvers are thereby following a long tradition of wood-carving and their knowledge was mostly handed over from generation to generation. Some figures of the wooden nativity sets are stained, some waxed and polished. Some are painted with oil colours while others are simply left in their natural originality. It is even possible to get wooden nativity sets with golden details.

There are more than 100 figures in 9 different versions which can be used to create a very special wooden nativity set each year. Lepi Woodcarvings offer different models of the holy family. Wooden animals, shepherds and stables are also available.

Very special is the one-piece creation of the holy family which is created in different styles and designs. The wooden nativity sets are getting a certificate of authenticity, the Lepi signature.