Wooden Nativity Scene

Naturally, exquisite high-quality wooden nativity scenes are part of the wide crib product range of Lepi in Ortisei (Val Gardena / South Tyrol). Lovers of wooden nativity scenes from all over the world have already ordered Lepi’s figurines ever since the early 18th century. Artists such as Rupert, Reindl and Giner have designed crib pieces as models for a new production line.

Throughout the world, Christmas wooden nativity sets are found in Christian homes. A hay-filled manger with the new born Jesus is the center of every crib arrangement. Many Lepi cribs are wood-carved masterpieces by the experienced sculptor and artist Prugger Vigil, member of Accademia Tiberiana as well as the Artists Circle of Ortisei.

Weathered and knot-free lime, oak, stone pine and maple wood are cut and carved with pantographs. As soon as the more delicate carving work has been done, woodcarvings are painted with oil colors, gold plated with 24 karat gold, gilded, stained or waxed in one or two colors after carving.

Nowadays, wooden nativity scenes in more and more private households certainly prove: Tradition is finding its way back into modern family life. With this renewed interest in the crib came the desire to create new distinctive features. There are nine versions of compositions available that can be enlarged to up as many as 100 figurines.

Period-costume nativity with fully clothes figurines has become increasingly popular as well. Jointed figurines give observers the chance to experiment with certain positions expressing all kinds of emotions. Garment materials used vary from richly decorated to plain, worn by the ordinary folks gathering around the manger.

A crib can become a family heirloom, handed down from one generation to the next. What about celebrating this year’s Christmas with a wooden Lepi treasure from Tyrol? A Certificate of Authenticity guarantees that you are acquiring a valuable and handmade artistic object.