Silver Jewellery Cross

The company Lepi Woodcarvings was founded in 1920 by Leo Prinoth Sr. who was woodcarver in the South-Tyrolean Val Gardena. Over the years Lepi Woodcarvings grew successfully and is now lead by his son and grand-sons. The company is located in the Italian village Ortisei and offers a big variety of non-religious and religious hand carved figures. Each item carries the Lepi signature which guarantees its authenticity.

In addition to the hand carved objects Lepi Woodcarvings do offer their very special 925 Silver Collection. This includes several designs of the silver jewellery cross. The cross as finish symbol is carefully designed and has a height of 53 mm or 2,09 inches. The inserts of the silver jewellery cross are made out of different sorts of wood. There are silver pendants with inserts of nut wood or boxwood. Inserts of ebony wood or pear wood are as well available as tagua nut which is the vegetable ivory. The wooden inserts are all carefully wax polished.

There are three different designed crosses as pendant available. The so called pendant cross and the pendant cross 2000 are both carrying the crucifix with the figure of Jesus Christ on it. The pendant with the pure cross is called the “Only cross”. The silver jewellery cross can be worn with a wax cord or a leather bond made of kid leather. The Lepi handcraftsmanship perfectly combines luxurious material with contemporary design.