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St. Antonius

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Born in Lisbon in 1195, he was christened with the name of Fernandez. At the beginning of his religious life he was choir master of the Agostinians. In 1220 he passed to the order of Fratelli Minori of Coimbra and here he took the name of the patron of the convent, Anthony. He distinguished himself as a great preacher in particular in Northern Italy and Southern France. St.Francis very soon recongnized his extraordinary qualities and made him the first theology master of the Fratelli Minori later to be known as the Franciscans. In his theology and in the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures which he knew particularly well we can clearly see St.Augustin’s influence. Anthony died in Arcelle near Padua on 13th June 1231. In about 1263 he was moved to the new Basilica of Padua where sitll now he is greatly venerated by many believers who invoke his help for everyday difficulties. His honorifics titel is “Doctor of the Church”. Patron saint of the poor, the betrothed and the wedded, of bakers, miners and travellers. He is invoked for an easy childbirth, protects against fevers and evil forces.
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