Nativity Figurines

Nativity figurines spread the spirit of Christmas and are presented in almost all Christmas decorations every year. Not only the children are amazed of the magic, that the crib figurines radiate. Even adults are pleased about nativity scenes, consisting of especially beautiful figurines. Each figurine of the nativity scene has its unique character and plays a special rule in the oldest Christmas story.

Nativity figurines are made of different materials, but those which are made of wood are probably the shapeliest. Ambitioned woodcarvers give all their abilities to manufacture them. Manufacturing of nativity figurines has a longstanding tradition in the mountains of South Tyrol in Northern Italy. Carvers have already lived in Val Gardena for hundreds of years. They still create stunning models of wood. Most of their carvings are nativity figurines, but they also produce little hunters with their booty, little farmers with their harvest or symbols of the world of fairy tales.

The main village of Val Gardena is Ortisei. At this location is to be found Lepi carvings manufactory, a company with a great experience in producing carvings. Some of their nativity figurines are created by famous artists, descending from this place in South Tyrol. One of them is Hans Perathoner, who studied in Munich and created wooden sculptures in Berlin. But what he liked best was carving religious figurines, in the vein of the tradition in Val Gardena, where he came from.