Nativity Crib Figures

The nativity crib figures offered by Lepi Woodcarvings out of Ortisei in South Tyrol (Italy), are carefully carved out of lime, oak, maple or stone pine. Therefore the woodcarvers are following the long tradition of woodcarving in Val Gardena, which is since centuries handed over from generation to generation.

The nativity crib figures which are available at the online shop of Lepi Woodcarvings include different figures of Mother Mary, Father Joseph and of course the little baby-child Jesus. You can get the figures in different styles and sizes. They are stained, painted with oil-colors or even gilded. The nativity crib figures which are just left in their pure wooden style are even more beautiful. But that depends, of course, to the eye of the customer.

In the assortment of Lepi-Woodcarvings you can find more than 100 different figures in 9 versions. There are shepherds, kings and of course the three wise men and also a big collection of al kinds of wooden animals. The nativity crib figures can be combined with beautifully created stables.

Lepi Woodcarvings out of Ortisei, Val Gardena, offer such a big assortment that it is even possible to create a new nativity scene each year. The company was founded in 1920 by Leo Prinoth senior and successfully extended by his son. Each nativity crib figure carries the special Lepi signature which is a certificate of authenticity.