Hand Carved Crucifix

A hand carved crucifix is an impressive symbol of stable religious traditions and of the continuity of prayer and faith across the centuries. Whether it is ornate or rather simple, a hand carved crucifix is always designed and elaborated by skilled craftsmen and carvers.

Many people appreciate the charismatic effect of a wooden hand carved crucifix. Not being available commercially, the crucifixes of our collection are unique works. Moreover, some hand carved crucifixes express the charm of special regions, as for example the “Crucifix of Boehmen”, the “Venetian Crucifix” or the “Tyrolean Crucifix” - a work that contains specific traditional elements of South Tyrol woodcarving. Other crucifixes represent certain époques of woodcarving art history, as for example the Roman crucifix.

An antique looking hand carved crucifix is always an inspirational and fine decoration of any wall of your home and can also be a wonderful and individually designed gift for special religious occasions. Our exquisite crucifix works are available to interested experts as well as to private clients at our wood carving shop which is situated in Ortisei in Val Gardena (Italy).