Creche Nativity

When the Virgin birth took place in the surroundings of a poor stable in Bethlehem, the air was infused by a bright light of holiness and hope. This light is reflected by the beauty of our hand crafted crèche nativity sets. The large selection of nativity sets includes simply styled as well as highly elaborated and richly ornamented crèches. Concerning the design, there can be chosen between different kinds of crèches: antique crèches, rustic crèches, folk art crèches as well as modern art crèches. The scenes show Joseph and Mary filled with love and gazing upon their new born baby sleeping quietly in its wooden crèche. A wonderful hand painting transforms each nativity scene and each crèche into an exquisitely selected gift to be highly treasured.

The nativity crèches are not only available as one special part of a nativity scene, but also as single elements. Each crèche nativity set is composed by unique sculptures and therefore perfectly apt for the private adorning of the house as well as for individually organized Christmas ceremonies. The presence of a private Christian nativity crèche also symbolizes the fact that all family members live together in mutual respect, harmony and peace, just like the holy family did more than 2000 years ago. Interested buyers will find these crèche nativity sets at our wood carving shop, situated in Ortisei in the valley of Val Gardena (South Tyrol / Italy).