Carved Wood Cross

Symbols are extremely important for every religion. They make god, angels and saints touchable and easier to belief in. This fact has been realized by the woodcraft Lepi many centuries ago. It is to be found in "Ortisei" in "Val Gardena", an Italian town in south Tyrol.

This woodcraft designs and creates little figures and symbols out of wood. One of these symbols is a carved wood cross. It symbolizes the death of Jesus Christ who died for men's sins. This carved wood cross is very elegant and handy. It fits in every pocket and accompanies its owner on every way.

Therefore, this wooden carved cross symbolizes god's love and power and assures you, that life is meaningful and worth living. At the same time this wooden carved cross is pretty and will get you in contact with other religious people. By carrying this handmade peace of wood you can proudly present your religious belief. Last but not least this wooden carved cross will help you with your prayers, since you always have a symbol to cling to while praying. A must have for every religious person interested in symbols.